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If you are looking for a unique blend of EDM, RnB, and Hip-Hop, then allow Chris Caggs to bring ShakeDown Radio Podcast to your doorstep. Podcasting and Radio’s tasteful approach is from over 22 years of experience, starting on his first radio show for Sydney’s 99.3 Pump FM Bedroom Vibes. He brought vibes and tunes into the airwaves. In his first radio show on the station, he starred that it was one of the first hip-hop stations in Australia. You can access the ShakeDown Radio podcast on Podbean and as an RSS feed in Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts. If you want to know why you want to make ShakeDown Radio Podcast one of your favorites, please consider the numerous radio stations with Chris Caggs as the host.

ShakeDown Radio Podcast with Chris Caggs

August 24, 2020

In today’s society, DJs are at the top in the music industry and Chris Caggs, DJ and Radio Presenter, is at the top of his game in Australia. With a unique broadcasting style, he plays a mixture of Hip-Hop, Dance and RnB tunes.
On this Podcast Chris Caggs will provide you with a free music podcast, giving you the best hip hop RnB and dance music for you to play in the car, at home or wherever you are! One of the best music podcasts to boost your mood. A top podcast in Australia, Chris Caggs has extensive music industry experience to pass on to you!
Starting his radio career in July 1998, Chris Caggs began his journey in Australian live radio at Sydney’s Pump FM 99.3 in Killara on Sydney’s North Shore – hosting a program with Cameron Griffiths (Mista-C) called “Bedroom Vibes” showcasing Slow Jam RnB, which found them in the spotlight as the first Hip Hop and RnB Community Station in Australia.

To push and continue to challenge his career in Australian FM radio, Chris Caggs wanted more airtime driving him to a 24/7 365 days a year station launching in late 1998 called DJ-FM 87.6 Dance Radio. The station serviced the Sydney CBD and Inner Suburbs. In particular, many record labels supported DJ-FM with music such as Universal Music Group, Sony Entertainment, Warner Music and many others.

In October 1999, Chris Caggs was given the opportunity to work for the new station called Groove FM 96.9fm by Mike Scott, Lawrence Johnson, Stacy Q, Darren Leigh, Yozi and Aaron Eaton. Chris Caggs with Darren Leigh launched Groove FM 97.3 in Brisbane August/September 2000. The Station Groove FM in Brisbane was seen to by DJs Remo and Milton (80’s funk DJs) the biggest project in 20 years. From this opportunity, Chris Caggs interviewed his Dad “Gavin Carragher” Australian Olympian 1956 Melbourne Olympics and 1958 Commonwealth Games for Scotland on his inclusion as a track sprinter and the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics.

Over the span of his 20-year career, Chris Caggs has played in numerous major radio stations of Australia that include:

• Groove FM 94.5FM & 96.9FM - Sydney Metro Wide
• Groove FM 97.3FM - Brisbane Metro Wide
• DJ-FM 87.6 Dance Radio - Sydney CBD, Inner Suburbs
• 2RDJ-FM 88.1FM - Burwood Sydney
• 2NSB-FM 99.3FM - Northside Radio - Chatswood Sydney
• Pump FM 99.3FM - North Shore RnB/Dance Radio
• STR8OUT Radio - Melbourne Dance Station
• Mix It Up Radio - Brisbane - Talkback & Music Radio
• Mixxbosses Radio - Sydney - Hip Hop & RnB
. Urban Movement Radio - Brisbane - Hip Hop & RnB
. Liquid Radio - Sunshine Coast Queensland - EDM & House
. Starter FM - Sydney - EDM & House
. Tune 1 Radio - Perth - EDM & House

Chris Caggs has a very dense and experienced career in the music industry, but his other interests include films, TV and travelling. He is an avid traveller who has visited 26 countries which include New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Asia, UK and Europe, among others.

Music Licensed by PLAY MPE www.plaympe.com and Global PR Pool www.globalprpool.com

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